Welcome to the Hakim Comprehensive Intelligent System

Welcome to the Hakim Comprehensive Intelligent System
Product Definition

HAKIM Smart Shoes is a fully medical product with a nanophysics-based system. It is noteworthy that this product is designed and manufactured by the latest technologies and completely herbal. This product is ISO IWA1 standard from the German TUV Academy which is fully accredited from the medical science point of view and guarantees the health of your body and for this reason; it's called Healthy Herbal Shoes. In addition to improving blood flow , this product helps keep your foot and spine from moving and kicking while you walk and makes for a comfortable and attractive walk. In fact, the combination of Thermodynamics and Physiology has produced a wonderful product that gives you a different world experience. The product now available for you under the name T5 is an up-to-date and full version product with all its capabilities automatically adjusted to suit the user and the environment used. For this reason, it offers the best of its capabilities

Temperature Control System(TCS)

This shoe is equipped with TCS technology, which keeps the space inside the shoe at a balanced and healthy temperature due to the radiators and hoses that are installed inside the sole of the shoe. One of the most accurate technologies used in Hakim shoes is the technology of improving the internal temperature; This technology regulates the temperature inside the shoe according to the ambient temperature and the standard body temperature range and improves the temperature inside the shoe. 


Air Tubeless

The softness and comfort of the sole of the shoe is one of the most important factors for comfort when walking and eliminating abnormal blows to the back. If the sole of the shoe is soft and comfortable, it ensures the health of the spine and at the same time creates healthy movements for these limbs. According to various studies and experiments in this field, we realized that no material can transfer this softness and comfort to the cumin enough. Therefore, after going through different stages, we were able to achieve the desired comfort and softness by injecting compressed air indoors and obtain a positive result in the experiments. This technology is also used in tubeless tires that give a special feeling and softness to the room and passengers while driving. On the other hand, if the tire is solid, it will be less soft and comfortable. This technology is placed between the sole and the sole of the shoe, which is harmful to the back and spine. This technology is equipped with Nano-Anatomy technology, which is known as nanotechnology, which takes the post and arch of the foot; In this way, the whole sole of the foot is filled and better communication is established with the outsole.


Internal magnet system

Studying the early humans, we find that these people lived barefoot and made all their trips barefoot. This has been a factor in their longevity and they are less likely to have cardiovascular problems. After further study on this subject, we came to the conclusion that the main reason was the improvement of blood flow in their body. More precisely, when walking barefoot on the ground, the friction created in the sole of the foot caused a magnetic property in this organ, and the resulting magnet, due to the sensitivity of this part (as the second heart), improved blood flow. It was in the body. Taking advantage of this issue and after research and study, we created a natural magnet in the sole of the shoe. The resulting magnet is applied to the sole of the foot by a magnetic mesh plate that extends over the entire surface of the foot. After performing various tests, this was confirmed and it was concluded that the magnet created on the sole surface of the shoe causes better blood flow and muscle regulation. In fact, with this product, you can help improve blood flow while walking and make muscles work more easily. We believe that if you use Hakim smart shoes, you will not suffer from musculoskeletal problems and blood flow in the body will improve. 




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