Welcome to the Hakim Comprehensive Intelligent System

Welcome to the Hakim Comprehensive Intelligent System
Hakim smart shoes made in iran

Hakim smart shoes made in iran

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Frequently Asked Questions
What distinguishes HAKIM smart shoes from other ones available in the market is the presence of technologies such as indoor temperature control system (TCS), Air Tubeless system and artificial magnet system. It is worth noting that HAKIM Smart collection is the first manufacturer of shoes with built-in apps (Android and iPhone).
The indoor temperature control system stores the body temperature and ambient temperature at the first time of use and setting and, based on the information obtained, adjusts and provides the balance temperature of the interior of the shoe. The system activates the material inside the tank by launching electrons from the central point or the heart of the TCS and begins to operate. Remarkably, the electron system used in TCS is one of the most up-to-date systems available.
The indoor temperature control system of the shoe has the ability to keep the indoor temperature of the shoe balanced. HAKIM collection does not currently claim to heat or cool the interior of the shoe. . Since the temperature of Iranian cities and the temperature of each person's body are different from each other, and according to research and surveys, maintaining indoor temperature equilibrium is more enjoyable than maintaining a constant temperature, thus indoor temperature HAKIM shoes are adjusted according to the above.
Many shoe companies claim to use air tubeless in their products, but unfortunately the claims are baseless. To better understand this, the following is an example of the evolution of automobile tires, but the idea of using this feature in shoes also lends itself to this: In the past, solid tires were used in cars. This transmitted much of the vibration to the passenger compartment of the car And it made the passengers feel uncomfortable. So the idea was to use compressed air in the tires. Using this idea eliminated many of the blows from the bottom of the cab and made it easier for the occupants of the car. The HAKIM collection also uses this technology in all of its products by injecting a layer of compressed air into the Shoe soles, making one feel comfortable while walking.
Since the soles of the feet have veins, controlling them during walking helps to regulate heart rate and blood flow; the HAKIM smart collection utilizes a reticular nape inserted beneath and creating an artificial magnetic field In shoes, it regulates blood flow and brings a pleasant feeling when walking. It is worth noting that by regulating blood flow, the heart rate is also optimally adjusted, and these together while creating a sense of joy in persons, allows them to get closer to their desired weight if they have overweight.
The leather used in the HAKIM shoe surface is 100% natural and special. This leather is very durable and flexible and will not easily be torn or contaminated. The leather also complies with the technology used inside the shoe and helps make it work better.
Battery was first used in shoe manufacturing, which required recharging after the stored energy expired. Due to the problems with this method, a lifelong power supply was used. The new source, by absorbing the positive charge from the pulse of the foot and absorbing the negative charge from the ground, distributes the resulting energy between the different parts of the soles, and thus, the technologies used in the shoe begin to operate.
These shoes are not easily torn or damaged and include a warranty if they are not used for mountaineering.
The materials used in the production of Wise Shoes are completely herbal and approved by iwa1 Europe. The standard was developed by the World Standards Organization in 2007 and works to guide and control how the quality management system is deployed in the field of health care; Therefore, this collection ensures you that the materials used in the HAKIM smart shoes are no harm to the person and the products pass all the quality control tests before sending them to the customer.
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محمدرضا کاظمی
2021-01-02 08:56:52

محل ثبت نام سایت مشخص نشده

2020-12-27 22:18:42

سلام عرض تبریک .دو سوال 1-ایا این کفش از نظر طبی برای پیاده روی مناسب هست ؟2-چه زمانی به بازار یا فروشگاه های اینترنتی معروف برای فروش عرضه می شود؟

2020-09-10 13:46:40

سلام و تبریک بابت تولید چنین محصولی که طبیعتا در سطح بالایی از فناوری قرار داره. در تیزر تبلیغات واژه «سه بعدی» برای کفش استفاده شده، که به نظر همه کفش ها از نظر هندسی سه بعدی هستند.

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